About Wine Forum

Born out of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting held in Davos, The Wine Forum is a group of global leaders who share a passion for fine wine and philanthropy.

Members of this wine-loving community wanted their wine experiences to extend beyond the World Economic Forum tastings directly into the vineyards. Thus in 2009, The Wine Forum was founded by David Spreng and Vidhi Tambiah as a private, independent, not-for-profit wine enthusiasts' club. Our members enjoy direct access to the very top wine producers in the world. The Wine Forum organises luxury vineyard tours, events and dinners in the most exclusive venues around the world. The Wine Forum also arranges exceptionally well-priced parcels offered to members only. Understanding that such comprehensive access to fine wine is a privilege and not a right, our Members pledge charitable gifts that at least match their wine-buying.

The Wine Forum's membership comprises a diverse group of leading developed and emerging market CEOs, politicians, public personalities, authors, academic thought leaders, editors and noted columnists from primary media channels. Members typically enjoy collecting and consuming fine wines rather than purely investing for financial gain. Our members reside in Asia, Europe and the USA in roughly equal parts.

We host City Dinners in all these regions to celebrate winemakers and members' charities.

The Wine Forum is registered as a Swiss Association based in Geneva and also incorporated in the USA as a fully licensed wine importer, wholesaler and retailer.


The Wine Forum charges no Membership fees, no annual dues and we do not require any minimum purchase. Membership is strictly by invitation only. We generally require new Members to be referred by two existing Members. However, if an applicant feels they ought to be considered for Membership yet knows no existing Members, they may apply directly to the founders. Newly accepted Members wait one year before they are able to recommend others for Membership. Members commit to uphold The Wine Forum's Rules of Conduct.