About Fine Wine Investment

An Impressive Track Record

With a long-run return of almost 10% per annum, fine wine boasts an impressive track record. That said, market conditions over the past 4 years have been more turbulent than we have been used to, as the global market for fine wine found its feet. But investment is about looking forwards, not backwards, and this is where the fine wine story is really at its most exciting. The basic tension of expanding international demand and static or diminishing supply is arguably more acute today than at any point in recent decades.

A Developing Market

The emergence of huge markets in Asia, the expansion of global HNWI wealth and the rapidly growing cultural importance of wine are some of the key factors driving consumption. In addition, the over-supply of fine wine in Asia which affected global pricing since June 2011 has worked its way through, meaning exports are once again in good health. All these trends give me great confidence that there are once again good conditions for further strong investment growth in the medium to long-term.

Stocks and Contacts

Our strength lies not just in our ability to draw on the best stock positions and market contacts, but also on the analysis of our Investment Group which has an unmatched background in finance, trading and investment – a combination that is unique in the wine market. Add to this expertise our access to crucial flow-data and we have what is widely recognized as the most comprehensive, reliable and honest wine investment service available. Our aim is not just to select a portfolio that will perform well, but to select one that is suited to your investment objectives.


We firmly believe that the opportunity to invest in fine wine should be available to everyone. To this end, we’ve created a model with zero commission, easy, online trading and live bid and offer prices for all investment wines sold through our LiveTrade platform. The best way to find out more about LiveTrade and how to start trading is to view our demo video here.