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How it Works

It's all very simple!

LiveTrade provides live quotes to both buy and sell more than 500 carefully selected Bordeaux, Champagne, Italian, Rhone, Spanish, Australian and American wines. We are not an exchange or a broker - this is our own stock. All prices and quantities are constantly updated and you can trade at your convenience. All prices are quoted under bond ex Octavian Colerne. To begin trading, register, log in then click the LiveTrade link on the homepage. From here you can choose how to search for the wine you want: by vintage, by name, or by looking through recent trading activity. Here you'll also find The BI LiveTrade Index – a visual representation of the change in prices for wines traded through the LiveTrade screen.

You can find out more about your chosen wine, including critic's ratings and the wine's price performance over time. When you're ready to trade, simply select BUY or SELL at the price listed or make a bid or offer within the listed parameters. Various currencies are available for ease of viewing, and you can trade in GBP, Euros, Swiss Francs, USD and Hong Kong Dollars.

Once you're happy with your choice, check the box, confirm the order, and you're done.