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Why Trade?

For ease of use, clarity of trading, and guaranteed liquidity. We are offering not only a selling price, but also a buying price on all the First Growths in the important vintages since 1986, plus a range of Super Seconds, Flying Fifths, Right Bank equivalents, Champagnes, Italian, Rhone, Spanish, Australian and American wines. This means you can confidently trade in and out of your chosen position very quickly and transparently.

Here are our Top Ten reasons to give LiveTrade a go:

1. 2 way dealing prices guaranteed. Nobody else in the wine market guarantees both sides of the trade: this is not a broking screen, it is a market making screen.
2. It is free to trade, unlike all the other commission-driven platforms. There are no hidden fees – our margin is in the spread on-screen.
3. Immediate payment on safe receipt of stock. No hanging around waiting for stuffy old auction houses to send you a cheque.
4. Simplicity and speed of execution. Find the wine, chose the transaction, click the order – and you’re done.
5. 24-hour online trading, 7 days per week. The clue is in the name: LiveTrade is live!
6. Range of wines traded. More than 500 top Bordeaux, Champagne, Italian, Rhone, Spanish, Australian and American wines on the screen and constantly expanding.
7. Detail of wines traded. All the key critics’ ratings are featured, giving you all the information you need about each wine.
8. Access to trading data from 2008 plus price performance charting to improve analysis.
9. Private clients and trade buyers all welcome. Whether you are looking to trade Fine Wine as part of your portfolio diversification, or you simply want to buy or sell a perfect case of great Bordeaux, Champagne Italian, Rhone, Spanish, Australian and American wines. LiveTrade is the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to do so.
10. Guaranteed stock condition, free from import strips or other extraneous labels. Only In Bond stock in OWC/OCC 12x75cl or 6x75cl is traded.
In the current financial and technological climate, more and more trading is being done online both by professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. LiveTrade is a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio into one of the most exciting and reliable alternative investment markets currently available.