The Champagne region has a great global reputation that is constantly being challenged by other sparkling wine producers around the world. However hard they try, the finest wines of Champagne are still among the best in the world. Along with the well-known and well-branded producers – with the likes of Krug, Philipponnat and Louis Roederer’s Cristal – in recent years, small grower Champagnes have started to emerge, offering fantastic value for money.

Champagne has become a major success story; with a string of wonderful vintage releases for both maturing and drinking now, the quality at the top has never been higher. Perhaps one of the most significant changes has been the understanding of Champagne as a wine to be consumed with food, rather than as a celebratory ‘pop’ – at BI, we firmly believe that top-class Champagne has a definite place on the dining table.

There is no doubt that Champagne has a secure place in the heart of every wine lover and whatever the occasion, one thing is for sure, we never need an excuse to drink it!

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Colour Vintage Wine Size Status Cs Btls Price Per Score
White 2000 Bollinger Cuvee VV Francaise
btls DP 0 4 £926.00 btls -
White 2000 Charles Heidsieck Brut
Charles Heidsieck
btls IB 3 0 £680.00 cs -
White 2000 Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon
btls IB 1 0 £1,500.00 cs 94 (WA)
White 2000 Dom Perignon P2 (Oenotheque)
Dom Perignon
btls IB 3 0 £2,499.00 cs 97 (JS)
Rose 2000 Dom Perignon Rose
Dom Perignon
btls IB 1 7 £2,640.00 cs 96 (WA)
White 2000 Blanc de Blancs D'Ay
Gaston Chiquet
jero IB 0 16 £180.00 jero 90 (RJ)
White 2000 Jacquesson
btls IB 0 6 £80.00 btls -
White 2000 Krug
btls IB 10 0 £2,000.00 cs 98 (JS)
White 2000 Krug
mags IB 0 3 £458.33 mags 98 (JS)
Rose 2000 Louis Roederer Cristal Rose
Louis Roederer
btls DP 0 2 £320.00 btls 97
White 2000 Oenotheque Les Chetillons
Pierre Peters
btls IB 0 6 £200.00 btls -

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