The layout of Chile is very different from any other wine-producing country; a long, thin country, it spans 900km in length but less than 100km wide from the coast to the Andes. This makes the climate here extremely unique; from a maritime climate on the coast to a Mediterranean climate in the Central Valley. As such, recent legislation changes have chosen to emphasise this by creating a new classification to categorise vineyards according to its distance from the coast rather than its altitude.

It is Chile’s climate variation which makes it ideal for wine production; fertile soil, river irrigation, plentiful sunshine, cooling valley breezes and coastal fogs. This variation also allows for a range of grape varieties and wine styles to be produced. In the main regions – Central Valley, Maipo and the Casablanca Valley – producers create intense red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carmenère, with some of the best wines being Viña Errazuriz and Seña.

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