Most people in the wine trade would agree that Sherry can be one of the greatest wines on the planet; there are so many mind bogglingly brilliant bottles out there which deserve more attention from outside the trade. For those who may have only a passing interest in sherry it takes just a cursory glance to see there is an incredible quality and diversity on offer, from the most delicate of Manzanillas and Finos to head spinning PX Sherries that could give you a sugar rush just by looking at them.

Gone are the days that Sherry is an old fashioned drink drunk only as an aperitif in thimble sized glasses by the blue rinse brigade who would open a bottle and still be pouring from that same bottle 12 months later! Sherry is instead big news on the UK restaurant scene and tapas appear to be the “on trend” gastronomy of choice for London’s foodie elite. Whilst the tapas bars of Spain are frequented by city workers staring disconsolately into their half empty copitas those in London seem to be enjoying half full Bordeaux sized glasses of the most exhilarating Manzanillas and Finos that Jerez has to offer… it is not an overstatement to say that the quality of sherry on offer in the UK at the current time is higher than at any point in history so it is well worth getting acquainted (or re-acquainted!) with these truly great wines.

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