White Burgundy

As well as producing some of the finest red wines, Burgundy is also the home to some of the finest, most expensive and rarest white wines in the world. With the vast majority made from Chardonnay, styles can vary; from crisp, dry, steely wines like those from Chablis, to the more full-bodied and richer styles of the south.

Home to some of the finest producers and vineyards, we specialise in Burgundy’s top producers; including Leroy, Boillot, Leflaive, Fevre, Lafon and more. Whether you are looking for top mature Montrachet or some young Bourgogne Blanc, you should be able to find it here. If you can’t see what you are after, please do get in touch with us directly.

View Producers of White Burgundy


Colour Vintage Wine Size Status Cs Btls Price Per Score
White 2012 Chassagne Montrachet la Romanee
Dancer, Vincent
mags IB 0 3 £240.00 mags 92+
White 2012 Meursault Chevalieres
Germain, Henri
btls IB 1 0 £540.00 cs 88-91 (AM)
White 2012 Chevalier Montrachet Demoiselles
Jadot, Louis
mags IB 0 3 £375.00 mags 94 (AM)
White 2012 Puligny Montrachet les Folatieres
Jadot, Louis
mags IB 1 0 £520.00 cs 93 (NM)
White 2012 Meursault Poruzots
btls IB 1 0 £1,560.00 cs 90-93 (AM)
White 2012 Chassagne Montrachet Vergers
Lequin-Colin, Rene
btls IB 1 0 £720.00 cs 16.5/20 (JR)
White 2012 Chablis Les Clos
Moreau, Christian
mags IB 1 0 £460.00 cs 17.5/20 (JR)
White 2012 Chablis Les Clos
Moreau, Christian
btls IB 1 6 From £460.00 cs 17.5/20 (JR)
White 2012 Nuits St Georges Clos de la Marechale
Mugnier, J F
btls IB 1 0 £1,020.00 cs -
White 2012 Chevalier Montrachet
Sauzet, Etienne
btls IB 0 2 £450.00 btls -

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