Koniks Tail


Where does an obsession begin and madness end? Perhaps camping in a tent in a field of spelt for a month, then a field of rye, then corn, then a potato field, then starting all over again at the beginning to understand their terroir; or buying every single different brand of bottled water from a supermarket to see what they all taste like; or visiting every distillery in Poland to sample their product.

Pleurat Shabani has done all this and, in the four and a half years (and 150 Easyjet flights) that it took him to perfect his Konik’s Tail Vodka, he surprised all his doubters to create a sophisticated full bodied triple grain vodka. It has been voted The Best Vodka Brand in the World by “World's 50 Best Bars” and this must surely be because while the holy grail of the big producers is purity, proudly distilling three, four...eight, nine times; Shabani strives for character. It is certainly the most intriguing vodka we’ve tasted.

The obsession has paid off and the ripe graininess of the ancient spelt, golden rye and early winter wheat make it a velvety, full bodied, rich and distinctive vodka. There’s a creamy vanilla/butterscotch nose with aniseed, white pepper and rye spice, spelt nuttiness, zesty dry fruit palate and gentle citrus finish.

There is no need to freeze it, or even chill it, this is perfect as it is or ideally in a martini.

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