Gianfranco Soldera is one the great characters of the Italian wine industry. Perfectionist, non-conformist, iconoclastic and ferociously proud of his wines, Gianfranco has never been backwards in coming forwards when it comes to his views on other ‘great’ wine regions – or even his near neighbours in Montalcino! His Case Basse estate is in the south-west of Montalcino, on a magical 23 hectare plot of perfectly exposed hills, is one of those spots which was just made for wine production. Since taking over the estate Gianfranco and Graziella Soldera have not only restored the buildings and architecture to their former glory, but restored a whole ecosystem; they believe that a complex ecosystem is essential for the production of the best quality Sangiovese Grosse grapes which go into their Brunello. They maintain a huge wildflower garden, encourage birds and insects to settle on the estate and tend the land in the most traditional way possible. Minimal intervention in the winery and up to 5 years ageing in large oak casks all help to create a wine of exceptional concentration, character and ageability.

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