Eva Fricke - Seligmacher 2011

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Eva Fricke

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Wine Advocate

As in some other vintages, Fricke’s 12.8% alcohol 2011 Lorchhauser Seligmacher Riesling isn’t quite legally trocken but certainly tastes dry. This was picked significantly later than the generic and village-level bottlings that precede it in her line-up, and that shows in a slightly more generous as well as sappier expression of fruit, here pineapple and white peach. Resinous herbal and sweaty saline notes add aromatic and palate intrigue. Palpably dense and firm as well as tart-edged – characteristics shared with the other wines in this collection – it finishes with zesty grip that treads close to but avoids outright bitterness. I would expect this pithy expression of Riesling and Lorch slate to merit following through at least 2017.

David Schildknecht (Wine Advocate #212, Apr 2014)