Pavie 2009

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St Emilion

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Tasting Notes and Scores

Wine Advocate

While the Perses may think the 2005 is the summit of winemaking at Pavie, this vintage certainly gives serious competition to both the 2005 and 2000. It is certainly the most opulent and luxuriously rich wine Pavie has ever made (and that is saying something). Pavie’s style of low yields, ripe fruit and serious extraction does produce, even in lighter vintages, a very concentrated and dense wine, but in the great years, the results are legendary. This wine has an inky purple color and a stunningly sweet, ripe nose of mulberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, licorice and incense. The oak still has some presence in the aromatics, as well as in the full-bodied, very concentrated, skyscraper-like mouthfeel and texture. This wine feels almost as if you could lose your palate in it, it is so dense and deep, yet at the same time it possesses silky tannins and rather remarkable purity, balance, and a good 60-second-plus finish. This is an amazing wine and probably will be drinkable in 5-10 years (although actually it could be drunk now because of the vintage’s voluptuous texture), and again, seems to have 50 or more years of longevity. It is clearly a modern Bordeaux legend.

Robert Parker (Wine Advocate #220, Aug 2015)

Neal Martin

The 2009 Pavie has a gorgeous bouquet, very pure and refined with seamlessly integrated oak and wonderful delineation. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannin, perfectly judged acidity. Fine grip with compelling tension on the finish. This shimmers with energy. Easily, this is the best bottle that I have encountered over the years. -, March 2019

Michael Schuster

[70M/20CF/10CS] Ripe fruit and raisiny character too, also the strong impression of 'dry' new oak - like being in a new barrel chai; full bodied, concentrated, drily tannic wine with a spirity, dried fruit at its heart; intense, pure, bitter-black flavour of considerable tenacity, with a delicate fruit persistence which whispers the quality of its terroir and what might be, but whose voice, for the moment, is largely masked by the style of winemaking. What comes across is a pure, bitter-sweet flavour, warm, astringent, more like an alcohol spirit. Concentrated, low yield droplets of faintly raisiny fruit, long pure and powerful. But to me it also tastes withered and old before its time, with none of the freshness, fruit glow, juiciness and bloom of youth it should have. As usual it will divide tasters and drinkers, and it clearly isn't for me. Good of its type, yes.... but perhaps I'm not really the person to judge.

Wine Lister

Quality 967 | Brand 965 | Economics 950 | buzz brand, investment staple
Quality: Predicted life of 19 years, one of the longest drinking windows in its peer group for the 2009 vintage, which averages 13 years Brand: We found this wine on 20 of the world's top restaurant wine lists, including Helene Darroze at the Connaught Economics: Above its peer group average price of £194 for the 2009 vintage Production: Higher production than its peer group average of 46,409 bottles

- June 2017