Monkey 47 Dry Gin

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[via Chris Dugdale, Gin Journey]

“The neat gin is rich and aromatic, with a complex nose. Tasting rewards the mouth with an incredibly intense journey that encompasses herbal, floral, citrus, fruity and spice notes aplenty... The juniper is definitely there, but the supporting cast is like an orchestra. Clear among these is pine, or rather I suspect spruce, which supports the juniper with clear crispness...The floral and herbal notes are clear and powerful; there is a slight geranium taste and I think there is a honeysuckle/jasmine flavour identifiable. A hint of pomelo is present (redolent of Bloom and Whitley Neill). This is the fruitiest gin I have ever tasted and it is smooth to boot. Initially, I had thought that this was purely a sipping gin which would be a crime to mix, but trying it with tonic water was a revelation. The finer points of the aromatic flavours really come alive; the citrus comes out and the floral & herbaceous notes veritably explode. The finish is long, dry and spicy and herbal. Every stage, the attack, middle and finish of Monkey 47 is complex and different from the last. Each mouthful is an engaging roller-coaster of discovery and joy, and it never gets old. It is an intriguing gin and difficult to leave alone. I desperately need to get my hands on more, but at a production of only 2,500 bottles per year, it is hard to find... Monkey 47 gin is probably the most expensive in-production gin I have tried. Is it worth the price? Yes, but as a treat."

Wine Advocate

A friend brought me back a bottle of Monkey 47 GIN, made from 47 botanicals in Germany's Black Forest - the greatest gin I have ever tasted.
-Robert Parker via Twitter, 3:06 PM - 1 May, 2013

We finished with something I am trying to track down for my personal use, an absolutely extraordinarily perfumed, intense, silky gin called Monkey 47, which is made in Germany’s Black Forest. Packaged in a small 500 ml bottle, it is not that expensive (approximately $100), but it was a remarkable gin. In Europe it is apparently available at top liquor shops, so if you can find it, it is an astonishing gin.
-Robert Parker - Hedonist's Gazzette, January 2013. Restaurant and Bar Albora, Madrid