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The voyage of this bottle began humbly when it was distilled from molasses in Cuba during the pre-Castro era, around the 1940s and 50s, also the time that one Ernest Hemmingway was sipping rum Daiquiries in a Cuban bar... Soon after it was shipped from the distillery in Cuba to Jerez in Spain to be stored, matured and enjoyed in the old cellars of the Valdespino sherry Bodega. The Valdespino family, who had bought this rum purely for personal consumption, kept the young spirit in cask allowing it to mature and develop further character and aromas; however they didn’t want to lose any of its vitality, so a mixture of younger aged Rums was blended in over the years using the traditional Solera system.
This continued until 1962 and for the remainder of the century, lucky visitors to the Valdespino Bodega could not only sample an astounding collection of old vintages of sherries, but also taste this legendary old Cuban rum from the two barrels near the entrance. It was never intended for sale; as Miguel Valdespino himself said “this is truly rare and my treasure. I will not sell it, I will only share it with people who visit my bodega.”
Fast-forward to the 1999 when, following a series of family tragedies, the Valdespinos were forced to sell the sherry bodega and all its stocks, including this rum.
Inside these bottles is a lavish and decadent pre-revolutionary air; the taste of decadence and a lost time... something so rare and treasured that, had Senor Valdespino not been forced to sell his business, we might never have the opportunity of owning.